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The start of something wonderful…

Today Cambrian Pharmacy launches its new blog.

A format for education, learning, fun, healthy alternatives and healthy choices. We look forward to being a resource and your choice for all your needs. Cambrian Pharmacy prides itself on being a reliable, trusted, informed, integrated pharmacy. Highly educated staff are here and in store to consult and educate you. On staff there are pharmacists, master herbalists, Diabetes specialists, compounding specialists, and more. Cambrian Pharmacy online also has a Education Centre where anyone can learn about supplements, conditions, natural alternatives, and even what medications may deplete you of essential nutrients. Be sure to also check out the events section of the website for monthly educational clinics. Various topics have included RMR tests (resting metabolic rate) which tests your metabolism and how many calories you need each day to the upcoming June clinic with a Holistic Allergist.

Thus here’s to the successful launch of a fun and informative blog for health, education, alternatives and informed choices.

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