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Post-Holiday Skin Detox Tips

After the holiday season filled with stress, chocolate eating, turkey munching, drinking, dancing and being merry- many people know that the body requires a detox to get back on track and feeling well. But did you know that the skin is also greatly affected by season and requires extra care and repair?

Skin can become dull, stressed, congested and sensitive due to the climate and choices of the time of year. Here are 5 easy topical skin detox tips to get your skin back to healthy, glowing and beautiful!

1. Increase your exfoliation from 1-2 times a week to 3 times a week for 2-3 weeks (Try to say that 10 times). The skin is typically extra dry, dull or congested and will require some extra exfoliation to rid the skin of excess toxins and dryness. Try: Andalou Lemon Sugar Scrub

2. Incorporate an oxygenating mask 1 times a week that helps blood flow in the skin to help purge out impurities to increase skin clarity and glow! Try: Eminence Lime Stimulating Mask

3. Add more moisture to the skin! The holiday season typically brings cold, dry weather along with it. Increase your moisture content by incorporating a more richly textured moisturizer to help soothe and smooth dry skin. Try: Suki Intensive Nourishing Cream

4. Eyes looking dark, dehydrated or puffy? If you don’t use eye cream, now is the time to start! The skin around the eyes in the most fragile and requires extra care during and after this busy holiday season. Try: Weleda Wild Rose Eye Cream

5. Dehydration and dryness can show in the lips the quickest. Protect your lips from peeling, dryness and burning with a protectant and reparative lip treatment! Try: Seven 7 Lip Balm Balm

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Bailey Rose Yuce

Lead Skincare and Makeup Specialist

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