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Refill FAQs - Pharmacy in NW Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions on E-Prescription

1. How long does it take for a refill order to be processed by e-prescription?

We require a minimum of 1 business day (not including weekends) to process a regular prescription refill and a minimum of 2 business days to process a compounded (custom made) prescription refill.

2. How does e-prescription work?

You must personally drop off your prescription at Cambrian Pharmacy for the initial dispensing of your maintenance medication. When you would like your prescription refilled, you can use e-prescription to place your refill order.

3. Can I use e-prescription if my doctor has changed?

No. You must inform your new doctor of the medications you are currently taking and your new doctor must authorize that he/she wishes you to continue on these medications. Please contact your Cambrian pharmacist to ensure that your treatment is not interrupted and you continue to receive the appropriate medications.

4. How do I sign up for the e-prescription service?

There is no sign up required. When you want to use the e-prescription service, you can do so here.

5. Is the information confidential?
The information we collect is completely confidential.
6. Do I need to set up an account?

There is no account needed with e-prescription. We have developed a convenient and confidential method of capturing your prescription information each time you submit a refill, without having to set up an account.

7. Does my doctor need to set up an account?

The doctor does not have to set up an account. The e-prescription service works on the relationship we have with you.

8. If I have a new prescription, can I use the e-prescription service?

No, currently e-prescription is only available for refills based on prescriptions that have already been dropped off personally at Cambrian Pharmacy.

9. Can the refill order be sent to me?

Yes you can have the prescription delivered to you upon request, fees may apply. However, you will have to contact our pharmacist directly in order to request the delivery service.

10. Can I use e-prescription any time of the day?

You can use the e-prescription service any time of the day, however, you can only pick up your prescription when the pharmacy is open. Cambrian hours are here.

11. Does e-prescription allow me to pay online?

No. You will pay for your order refill when you come into the store to pick it up.

12. Will I still receive health care counselling from my Cambrian Pharmacist if I use the e-prescription?

Yes. When you pick-up your refill order, our Pharmacists will provide health care counselling and are available to answer any questions you might have.

13. Is there a limit to the number of e-prescriptions that can be placed at one time?

No. You can use e-prescription to complete all your refill orders.

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