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Certified Organic Sunscreens now available

The Green Beaver Company introduces certified organic sunscreens approved by Health Canada.

Hawkesbury ON - The Green Beaver Company, a Canadian manufacturer of certified personal care products, introduces the first certified organic, 100% natural sunscreens in Canada. Instead of using chemical sunscreens, their unique formulations include mineral zinc oxide that is non chemically altered or silicon coated. Mineral zinc oxide sits on top of the skin creating a natural physical barrier blocking both UVA and UVB rays thus offering a broad spectrum protection. Green Beaver’s certified organic SPF 30 lotion, SPF 30 KID’s lotion and SPF 15 lip balm sunscreens have been proven to be effective in clinical trials according to Health Canada’s requirements.

Founders, Karen Clark, biochemist and Alain Menard, microbiologist, wanted to develop safe and effective sunscreens in response to Canadians’ request and for the well-being of their own family. “We have dedicated the majority of our R&D efforts in the last 3 years to develop chemical-free, natural certified organic sunscreens. Not only are they safe and effective, we made it our personal objective to offer non-whitening sunscreens which is important to many.”

True to their natural quest, Karen and Alain ensured that their sunscreens would be certified organic in order to guarantee the pureness of their products to Canadians. Green Beaver does not rely on green-washing techniques commonly employed by simply including the word “natural” or “organic” on their products. “Being certified organic, our plant extracts are derived without the use of chemicals and following ecological and certified organic approved methods such as cold pressed or by fermentation”. Organic certification also does not allow synthetic substitution. For example, they utilize plant-derived d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) and not synthetic vitamin E. Certified organic regulation also does not allow any GMO plants.

Green Beaver’s certified organic sunscreens are biodegradable and packaged in recyclable tubes. Certified organic also means that the products do not contain chemical preservatives, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, dyes, phthalates or any other chemical ingredients.

The products will be available in Canadian stores in April 2011. Cambrian Pharmacy now carries Green Beaver products.

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